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Diabetes letters on a spoon with sugar

Diabetes & Pre-diabetes

Learn about blood sugar and metabolic conditions, their association with food, stress, and sleep, and what to do about them.

Long Covid

It is estimated that 10-25% of people who contract Covid-19 will develop “long covid” with symptoms lasting longer than 12 weeks. Symptoms may include cognitive issues, fatigue, and weakness.

Covid-19 virus

Mould & Mycotoxin Illness

A common root cause we see with our cognitive decline clients (especially in New Zealand) is mould/mycotoxin toxicity from sick buildings or damp rooms. Certain species are also linked to immune suppression, cancer, and chronic fatigue.


We don’t use the word “diet”, which is often interpreted as short term or restrictive. Healthy eating should be uncomplicated, nutritious, and personalised. Food should make your body and taste buds happy. 

Weight Management

We also don’t use the term “weight loss”. After all, what do you do when you “lose” something? (You look to get it back). We teach you how to find your sweet spot where you feel your best and how to maintain it.

Hypnotherapy & NLP

From productivity and creativity, to weight management, pain management and medical hypnotherapy, achieve goals through unblocking conscious and subconscious barriers

Health Coaching &
Group Coaching

Coaching helps you achieve the vision you create for yourself through a framework of support and behaviour change. Group coaching helps to increase support as well as reduce cost per participant.

Cognitive Decline

We have helped clients prevent, slow, halt, and reverse cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s Disease since 2016, and have co-published a paper on the Reversal of 100 Cases of Cognitive Decline. Learn more at our website theendofalzheimers.com

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